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Adelaide Oval, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide
The 2014 ANZSLA Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, at the Adelaide Oval, 22-24 October and the conference theme is 'Crossing the Line' An enthusiastic...
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Joe Pirucki
- 08/04/2014
The Playoff Push
The ultimate goal of every sports team is to win the championship, each and every season.  The desire is to be crowned as the best in their respective league, and the only way to accomplish that feat is to win… and win often.  But before any team can win a championship, it must firs...
Joe Pirucki
- 01/04/2014
Only $292 Million?
It is impossible for me to ignore the eight-year $248 million contract extension that third-baseman Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers agreed to this past Thursday.  Before you balk at those numbers, keep in mind the current range of salaries in professional baseball.  Also, be sure to ...
Joe Pirucki
- 23/03/2014
NFL Open Season 2014 - Part 2
Patience is a virtue.  After reviewing the first week of NFL free agency in the AFC last week, I now turn my attention to the work done in the NFC since the opening gun.  Once again, this is not a comprehensive recap.  Instead, consider it your “How To Guide” to understand...
Joe Pirucki
- 18/03/2014
NFL Open Season 2014 - Part 1
March Madness starts every year with the opening free agency in the NFL.  NFL executives start making moves right at the opening bell.  After one week, most of the elite free agents are off the market, along with a myriad of other moves.  I have analyzed, scrutinized and summarized th...