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Inherent in sports is the unavoidable element of winning and losing. Anyone involved in athletics will enjoy victories but must also be able to accept losses. A team will never ALWAYS win, and even the worst of teams will...
This past week has placed an unnecessary negative spotlight on college athletics. The actions of the Auburn football program and Rutgers basketball program are a disgrace to the spirit of sports. As children we learn to play sports as...
The past few years I have written response pieces about the ESPY Awards.  This year, instead of focusing on commending athletic performance, the annual ceremony instead spent more time on social justice and cause awareness.  I give the ESPY’s...
Last week I began showing how the world of athletic competition includes less and less personal character. I detailed a couple of prime examples on how players have chosen to sacrifice morals and instead play under an “anything goes”...
Most of you are proud to proclaim your support towards a particular sport. Many of you will take that one step further and stand on the rooftop to shout your support of a particular sports team. However, you find...
For many of us it might take what feels like a life time to find what we would love to do as a career and for others not so long. Richard Benaud an Australian all-round cricketer/commentator and all-round nice...

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